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Fireside Chat with Tara Powers

This year at the Sacred Geo Gathering, Tara is offering a fireside chat inspired by deep communion with self. We will be igniting the intention of the weekend and indeed the season ahead by witnessing our personal role in our own lives and in community. A journal and favorite writing implement are recommended along with comfortable clothes and means for sitting in meditation. We will dive into our very nature and reflect, in community just what it is we seek to manifest together.

Healing Breathwork  • Awakening Your Intuition ~ Beth Bella


In this workshop, Beth creates a safe-haven for self-exploration, guiding you through a simple, yet profound breathing technique. This Breathwork is an active meditation used to move and clear stuck energy in the body. It purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and restores balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually — releasing all that is no longer serving you and creating space for reconnection to your Heart, and the inherent intuitive wisdom you hold within. Through this practice one has the power to heal emotional wounds and traumas, cultivate a deeper, clearer connection with their true, authentic self, and step into a whole new way of being that is lighter, more free, and in alignment with the Soul's highest purpose.


Sacred Shamanic Healing Journey ~ Jasmine Grace

Discover the mystical wisdom of the physical and the energetic body. Join Jasmine Grace on a Sacred Shamanic Healing Journey that includes a saging ceremony, slow flow yoga, restorative yoga, intuitive Reiki, aromatherapy, oracle reading card, crystal and sound magic with gongs, singing bowls and drums. All levels welcome.

Sacred Release Yoga ~ Lauren Burba


Join Priestess and Healer Lauren Burba as she combines both earth and sky medicine through yoga. She has crafted a rejuvenating flow created to open the divine body, go deep into fascia and the higher mind to release stored emotions/limited beliefs all the way down to the cellular level.


This class involves self inquiry, breath work, asana (posture), guided meditation, and aroma-release. Connect to your divine nature and release what is no longer serving you through sacred release and mystical movement.

The Spiritual Warrior - Art Weekend Expression with Kathy Mackey


Avidya is a Sanskrit term used in both Buddhism and Hinduism to denote delusion or ignorance. It is sometimes translated as “incorrect understanding.” The Spiritual Warrior deliberately takes up the fight against this ignorance choosing to bring light into darkness. This path is not an easy one. It can challenge and force you into your truth, however, the rewards are great.


Join us as we uncover our true Spiritual Warrior through a guided mediation and then expressing our warrior on canvas through collage, paint, and artifacts. Your meaning and intention will unfold and become a deeper meaning and a deeper intention as you express yourself in this creative workshop.


All supplies will be furnished, but if you have any special image or artifacts you'd like to incorporate, please bring to the workshop at the Sacred GEO Experience.

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