As a connector for the community, Kerry Griffith has a unique talent for bringing people to people, consumers to goods and services, and helpful information to the community. Kerry's passion is to bring the natural health, spiritually enriched, and environmental conscious spirits together with community gatherings. She has built up a vast and amazing network of talented and purpose-filled people who all have a common goal of bringing deeper, spiritual awareness to others.


Working side-by-side with her mother, Kathy, and her brother, Ryan, with a 30+ year business venture, it was a natural progression for Kathy and Ryan to jump in to help coordinate The Sacred GEO Experience. Kathy offers her talents with leading and creating ceremony, and creating art expression throughout all of the Sacred GEO events. 


Kerry is beyond grateful for Ryan's brilliant marketing mind and talent and Kathy's love for logistics and big picture thinking. Ryan crafts a beautiful atmosphere at Sacred GEO, and continues to impress us each year with his eye for details.



5883 Johnsville Road
Centerburg, OH 43011



M: 614-374-6018

No alcohol or illegal drugs permitted on Corner Tree property.

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