Kerry Griffith
Tara Powers
Lauren Burba
Jasmine Astra-elle Grace
Beth Barbaglia
Dawn Thompson
Melissa Herzog
Aubree Laureen
Max Raphael and Abby Parker
Cincinnati-based Max Raphael and Abby Parker share “True Resonance” through the distinctive healing modalities of Sound Healing, Yoga Massage, and Sacred Tea Ceremony. Their own healing journeys led them to Asia, where they would learn and work with these profound practices at their sources. They’re passionate about creating meaningful, accessible experiences that help individuals and groups find real relaxation and harmony; fostering an authentic sense of wholeness inside and out.
Steven Bray
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The quality and selection of the weekend programming comes with great research, thought, and selection. We bring together the top leaders of yoga, mindfulness, inspirational art, and conscious living. The progression of the programming throughout the weekend will allow your Soul to dive to greater depths of Self. Many leave Sacred GEO feeling complete and connected, with cups of abundance filled. Here is The Sacred GEO Experience - Oneness Crew. Specific schedule coming this summer!



Programming Partner

House of AUM is honored to be a part of The Sacred GEO Experience for the fourth year in a row. The land is a sanctuary that calls us back every year and we humbly answer the call, arriving in service to all that attend. It is a gift to be a part of the Oneness Crew and the tribe of healers that contribute to this one of a kind weekend event. Our work is deeply inspired by The Mother and it nourishes our souls to be in community with those who answer to her calling as well. In our "busy", modern lives it is beyond important to remember where we came from and who were are without all the societal pressures and stresses. For those attending this sacred experience and wish to "remember", we honor and welcome you in a full immersion of the senses in harmony with nature and all it's gifts.


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